1. The sandy area between hole 7 and 13 is part of the general area and is not a bunker.

2. Penalty area (R 17): 

a.            Dropping zones

If a ball is in the penalty area bordering the greens of holes 2, 7, 12 and 14, including when it is certain or almost certain that the ball that has not been found has come to rest in the penalty area, the player has the following release options

o Release as per R 17.1 or

o If the ball has entered the penalty area in the area defined by double red or yellow stakes, as an additional option it will be possible to drop a ball in the dropping zone marked on the ground with white paint.

b.            No play zones

Penalty areas marked by red posts with green tops are no-go areas. When a ball is in the no-go zone, it must not be played as it lies and a clearance must be taken under one of the options in R 17.1d. Players are also prohibited from entering no-play zones.

3.            Non-removable obstructions (R 16)

Trees with stakes

The rubbish bin/starting board is a single irremovable obstruction marked by the paving stones on the ground.

All roads and paths covered with artificial surfaces or stones are considered to be non-removable obstructions from which free clearance is possible under Rule 16.1. 


4.            Integral part

All grass roads and paths on holes 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 18 are an integral part of the course.

5.            Alternative stroke and distance (E5)

Model Local Rule E-5 offering an alternative to the stroke and distance for a lost or out-of-bounds ball is permitted in friendly play. It is not applicable in Club Championships, Stroke-play competitions or Match-play played in Gross.

6.            Interruption of play (R 5.7)

o Immediate interruption in case of imminent danger: a long sound signal

o Interruption for a non-dangerous situation: three consecutive sound signals

o Resumption of play: two consecutive sound signals.