The Golf Club Vuissens has 4 sections: Ladies section, Juniors section (please see the dedicated tab), Seniors section and Back Tees section. The sections animate the life of the club and organise numerous events and meetings with other clubs.

For more information, we invite you to contact the respective captains of each section.

Section Ladies

Welcome to the Ladies of Vuissens

About forty ladies of the Club are registered in the "Ladies Section". Each season, we have more than thirty meetings in Vuissens on Wednesdays and sometimes on Tuesdays when we go out of town. We play among ourselves or with members of clubs from French-speaking Switzerland, German-speaking Switzerland and neighboring France. All our meetings end around a table for an aperitif or a meal, in a very friendly atmosphere. Don't hesitate, join us!


Contact Ladies 

Captain: Josiane Frête

  • Tél: 079 643 49 78

Vice Captain: Claudine Hofmann

  • Tél: 079 299 86 94

Secretary - Treasury : Claudine Chollet

  • Tél: 079 433 18 02

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Section Seniors

The activities of the Seniors section are mainly friendly meetings with other clubs as well as games among ourselves. They take place on Thursdays between 11am and 1:30pm. A very friendly atmosphere prevails. If you are a member of the GCV, have the AP and are over 50 years old, don't hesitate to join us!

Contact Seniors 

President: Philippe Maget

Captain: Lucien Scarone

Calendar section Seniors

Registration form section seniors

Section Back Tees

The Back tees section was created with the aim of bringing together golfers of a good level of play (hcp 18 maximum) and motivated by competition and willing to progress and improve their technical and mental qualities within a group respectful of the fundamental principles of golf. The section also organizes, once a month, on Sunday mornings, a "back tees" competition open also to outside players.


Contact Back Tees 

Captain: Raphaël Cottens

Vice Captain: Lucien Scarone

  • Tél: 079 212 79 29

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