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Publié le August 15, 2023

Interclubs 2023

On August 12th and 13th, our teams flew the Vuissens colors in their respective championships!

It's the event our team members look forward to every year: the Ladies' and Men's Interclubs! 
Led by their captain, our Ladies team, playing in the B2 category on the Lucerne golf course, finished in 5th place out of 18 teams entered. Our team, made up of Florence Dapples, Valérie Redron, Corinne Becholey, Brigitte Hoess, Fabienne Fasel and Marjorie Chrzanowski (captain), will remain in B2 for next year. 

Results: https://www.golfbox.dk/livescoring/tour/?theme=swissgolf&language=2057#/competition/3934657/leaderboard

In the men's category, we had two teams competing, in A2 at Payerne, and in B3 at Lipperswil. 
In A2, the team made up of Nicolas Becholey, Pierrick Frech, Florian Barras, Loris Zurita, Flavio Michoud and Raphaël Cottens (captain) finished 12th out of 18 teams and will remain in A2 for next year too. 

Results: https://www.golfbox.dk/livescoring/tour/?theme=swissgolf&language=2057#/competition/3934215/leaderboard

Finally, in B3, the team made up of François-Régis Drouhard, Julien Fantoli, Luciano De Marco, Joël Zirmer, Blaise Simon and Jean-François Currit (captain) finished 9th out of 18 teams and will remain in B3 for next year. 

Results: https://https://www.golfbox.dk/livescoring/tour/?theme=swissgolf&language=2057#/competition/3934262/leaderboard

Congratulations to all!